highs and lows of the week

Instead of a more usual weekend summary, I thought I’d mix things up a bit and do a list of highs and lows of the last 7 days instead….

So here we go:

  • Best catch up – Seeing Rachel for dinner and a play in Liverpool. The play was called, “The Lady in the Van” and was excellent. http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2011/apr/26/lady-in-the-van-review
  • Favourite skype session – Watching Mia open the birthday present I sent her for her 3rd birthday.
  • Nicest walk – Largely keeping out of the rain in the woods around Royden Park early on Sunday morning.
  • Frank’s latest pimping – A new purple floor. Love it.
  • Biggest obsession – Stella and her tennis ball. This relationship seems to go from strength to strength as her relationships with Paul and I gets left in the dust. We know what’s number one, Miss Stella. 😉
  • Most successful baking experiment – Mint Nanaimo bars.
  • Funniest moment – Taking Stella to see Julie who’d just had new carpets fitted in her living room that morning.  We were having a tour of the newly refurbished room and Stella was tentatively investigating an unusually shaped hoover.  Julie went up behind her and said, “Boo!” and she peed – right on the new carpet!
  • Greatest potential for pomp and circumstance – My British citizenship ceremony attended by the mayor in all his “clobber”.  He looked a bit like Santa to me but after a warning from Annalie, I didn’t attempt to sit on his knee!
  • Favourite meal – Nut roast. It reminds me of Christmas.
  • Best home improvement – The repointed patio in the back is such an improvement over the patio with the gaps between the stones.
  • Biggest annoyance – The lack of work I have to do in work. But I guess I have to ride it out for the next couple of weeks as I don’t think they’ll be putting much effort into finding interesting work for me now. Can’t blame them really….
  • Biggest change for the worst – The weather. Back to more normal, cold, showery spring weather which is hard to take after the gorgeous dry, warm weather we got used to over Easter.

This week brings moversary (14 months), the first of Stella’s Good Dog classes that she attends and on Friday we’re off to Morfa Nevyn in Wales for our annual camping trip with the Capenhurst gang. The past two years the weather on the weekend has been the best of the year. Fingers crossed for the same this weekend… although if current conditions are anything to go by, it’s not looking promising and may end before it begins with cancellation. I will update you in a more traditional style – camping or no camping – next week!