Hello March

It has been a bit wet and windy today – the 1st of March.  I’m not quite sure that the weather today equates to March “coming in like a lion” but I’m optimistic and therefore am pleased to now know that the month will be, “going out like a lamb”.

Yesterday was Josh’s 9th birthday so we headed over there yesterday afternoon for some presents and cake and lego building.  I reminded the kids of how when we first went over there for their birthdays, they were too shy to talk to us and used to hide behind their parents.  I assure you (and am very pleased) that it is not like that now… 😉

The signs of spring are around and about now with snowdrops, crocuses and even daffodils coming to life.  I enjoyed my Saturday morning walk with Stella to Arrowe Park to check out the flora that has been in hiding for the past few months.


Indoors, I have been focusing a bit more on my “studio” photography… I had promised my friend Denis that I would take a picture of him and our friend Debbie for his retirement – they had worked together for more than 20 years.  We hired a studio last weekend and had fun taking pictures and talking about some of the funny things that had happened when we worked together.  Stella was not left out and was a star performer as well, of course…

P1100451  P1100182

Today I took my camera lights to see Harriet and Pete and their family and had some cuddles with Anna, some soup and cake and a good catch up with Harriet and Pete (including some political advice from Pete regarding the upcoming election).  But they also indulged me by letting me take pictures of them so I could  have a bit more practice on the photography front.  Here is one of the pictures I took of them all teasing Hughie to make him laugh…


Work is keeping me busy with trips away last week and this week too but I am enjoying the challenges that I am presented with and am learning a huge amount.

But the week doesn’t start for another few hours so now I will enjoy the fire, the company of Paul and Stella and maybe another episode of House of Cards before bed…