Hello. It’s been a fortnight…

Yes – it’s been a fortnight since my last post so this is a bit of summary of things since you last heard from me:

  • We had the Capenhurst crowd over and Paul participated in some “extreme BBQing” in an impressive thunderstorm.  I told him he won the husband-of-the-year award for his efforts.  It was really nice to see everyone and it was great that we all keep in touch.  A special shout out to Fred and Barbara who drove from Bradford-on-Avon to come.
  •  P1130698-2
  • It’s been very wet here… (See above comment re: thunderstorm.)  Unfortunately this resulted in us discovering a leaking roof and bedroom ceiling very early one morning.  (This old house….) A temporary fix was put in place within a few hours, thankfully, but a bigger spend to make sure it doesn’t happen again anytime soon is happening next week… How much…?!?!
  • Rachel, John and Beth came over for a BBQ which thankfully was on a day where the weather was much more favourable than the Capenhurst one!  Stella was completely exhausted afterwards as Beth was so enamoured by her that she happily played with her the whole time they were here.  They brought us some lovely flowers and the catch up resulted in us all planning to get together again to walk up Moel Fammau next month.
  • Stella has now met the canine additions to our extended family.  Charlie and Bailey are the names of the Jayne and co’s Cockerpoos.  She largely dismissed them after an initial sniff as she does most dogs but I suspect she will be less able to do that when she’s having a sleep over there!
  • P1130832
  • I have been studying quite a lot for my interview for my full warrant next week which is one of the requirements of my new job. To be fair, I have enjoyed the training that we’ve had to go through and definitely feel like I’ve learnt something completely new.  I will be glad when the interview is over though and I am (hopefully) holding my full warrant in my hand.
  • I’ve been out to Hilbre Island a couple of times after a bit of a spell where the weather and the tides just never seemed to be lined up to make it a good walking option.  Once we all went with Julie and Stuart and their two dogs.  I also went out myself and saw an amazing, full rainbow while I was crossing back to West Kirby.  Unfortunately this also resulted in me getting wet – but I think it was just about worth it… 😉
  • P1130780
  • I had a “booking” for a photo shoot with a couple I’ve met through Emily who are expecting their first baby.  They wanted some bump pictures and then some before and after ones too.  I got a few nice shots but am really excited for part 2 of the shoot.  It’s nice to feel involved as their photographer.
  • P1130709
  • Unfortunately my piano lessons have drawn to a close for now… My teacher has declared his intent to stop teaching his Wirral students.  For me, it wasn’t unexpected as he’s been commuting across from Manchester and has just had a baby but I do feel a bit sad.  The sadness though is tinged with a bit of relief as I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to practice of late.  Perhaps it is good timing for a bit of a break and a rethink…
  • We went to see a very funny play called “Bouncers” at the Royal Court in Liverpool.  It was filled with really local humour which I love and I also love the venue – we had our meal and drinks there in our seats before hand and the layout and atmosphere feels more chilled out then a conventional theatre.  Here is a review from the Liverpool Echo: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/theatre/theatre-review-bouncers-royal-court-5317451

So I think that about sums up some of the things that have been happening in our world… And here, unlike the heat that Toronto is having, it’s starting to feel quite autumnal with rain and dropping temperatures.  On the positive side, I don’t think it will be long before we have a fire going and  I like that the increasingly shorter days mean that I will be able to get some sunrise and sunset photography in again… 🙂