Happy New Year!

I don’t think it’s too late to say this just yet… Although another week or so and it just might be!

We enjoyed seeing the new year in with Lin, Denis, a massive gammon, some games and Jools Holland. Stella particularly loved the company and there is lots of left over gammon to keep us going for a while.

This year greeted me with a great honour and surprise of being asked to be Harriet’s daughter, Anna’s godmother. Wow.  Hold back the tears.  The christening is in March.

We’re back into the swing of things here at work. Getting up in the morning has been hard this week with the short days and changing sleep patterns over the break.  We also have the added complication of one of the tunnels between Liverpool and the Wirral being out of action for a few weeks meaning more pressure on the two that are open – must get up early to avoid lots of queues!

Work has been pretty steady the first week back, however, next week kicks up a gear with a couple of trips away. One of them takes me to Durham so I am really looking forward to that as it’s a city I have wanted to explore for a while.  Although work commitments mean that it is unlikely there will  be much time for exploring, hopefully I’ll get a chance to have a little look at least.

I’ve still been keeping busy with photography stuff – this weekend is a city centre photo shoot with Denis and Carys and a trip to Wirral Animal Sanctuary’s new Hedgehog centre to get some pictures of the training they are doing there. I’m also making videos of the two weddings I lead on last year setting some pictures to music.  Apparently making videos is the way forward for marketing yourself – although I quite honestly found that out after starting the process so that’s a lucky coincidence!  I also have been asked to photograph another wedding in 2018 so that’s exciting – I was delighted to get that message.

Other thing this weekend – we are looking forward to seeing all the Capenhurst people on Saturday night when they come over for a post-Christmas dinner. There will be 10 of us all together.  The last time we saw Fred and Barbara was in France when we went to see the Tour de France!

All the best to you for 2017.