Happy New Year!

After a magical Christmas break with lots of time at home relaxing, I should be ready for work but this morning I really wasn’t.  I got into the routine of sunrise dog walks, gym sessions, a bit of baking or cooking or photography or other general pottering, maybe a shopping trip or some lunch out and an evening in front of the fire with a movie.  Here are some pictures of the last few days of our holidays: 

Liverpool Skating Rink - Winter Landscape P1030928

P1030927-1 P1030975-1

Last year at the beginning of the year I set some New Year objectives – I didn’t call them resolutions but they were things I wanted to try and do over the course of the year.  So to recap and provide some status updates….

  1.  Continue to play the piano and take a piano exam.”  I did that when I took my grade 5 exam and I passed it too! Hurray!
  2. Take a cooking course.”  I actually ended up taking 3 one-day courses with Emily…. Check! 
  3. Enter Stella in an agility competition.”  Uh oh.  I didn’t actually do this.  There was an in-class one which was fun and we competed in and she came 3rd and got a ribbon and everything.  Can I count that?  If not, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad….   

So I need some new objectives for this year – my 40th year – then:  

  1. Musically, I plan to take and pass my grade 5 theory exam while continuing to work towards taking my grade 6 practical one.  I also want to keep going to see lots of different genres of music gigs in lots of different venues.
  2. Creatively, I want to keep taking pictures and experimenting and learning.  I really love finding picture taking opportunities and it is making me look at things around me in a different way.  I am going to aim to take a picture each month that I feel is good enough to post on Flickr!  It would be great if someone thought one of my pictures was good enough to comment on too.  
  3. Fitness wise, a challenge for this year is to complete the 23.5 mile walk in Kendal we have signed up for.  Hopefully I will finish most of the walk in daylight!    
  4. Work wise, I would like to learn something new or do something more out of my comfort zone this year.  It should be a bit easier to achieve this in 2014 as my work schedule will be a bit more varied compared to last year.    

So we’ll see how I get on this time then!