happy new year….!

Well I’ve got an hour to spare before I head out to Lime Street Station to pick up Brent and Michelle who are coming up from London for New Years so I thought I’d jot down a few words…

Christmas day was really nice and relaxing with a slow start, some food preparation (and later eating) and present opening.  A few of the presents I received seemed to be centred largely around a theme of warmth which is always appreciated… a handmade scarf from Lauren, a thermal shirt and quilted jacket from Mum, some hand warmers from Paul and an electric heated throw from Paul and his Mum! We visited Paul’s family in the evening.  The kids were having a great time with their new prams, meowing cats, go kart etc etc. All that fun must be exhausting as all 3 were sound asleep when we left.

Christmas Day 007 Christmas Day 019

We didn’t end up going camping on boxing day as planned – being put off mainly by severe weather warnings of icy roads and snow.  Instead we haven’t gone far from home at all, staying pretty local, having some food, fires and doing a bit of house and “school” work.  We also managed a lovely walk to Hilbre Island on Monday.  It was definitely the best day weather wise that we’ve had and the tide was just right to get out there.  Here are some pictures.  You can see by the shadows how low the sun is in the sky this time of year despite it being around noon when we walked.

Hilbre Island 025 Hilbre Island 003 Hilbre Island 021 Hilbre Island 023

Tonight we’re staying in and enjoying a New Year’s feast.  Very exciting.  Brent and Michelle are here until Sunday afternoon so we’re hoping to get a walk in, maybe some shopping and we’re also going to see the pantomime that’s playing in Liverpool this year – Peter Pan.  And the Fonz, yes, the Fonz is in it!

I’ve been wondering about whether I should be making any New Year’s resolutions this year. One year I wrote a list of things I was going to do and I did pretty well against it…. A few times I’ve made overly ambitious plans about something or other that seems a good idea a the time and never achieved them.  So I’m a bit dubious of the benefits of said resolutions.  Of course there is the general one that I think most people resolve to follow about eating better and being healthier.  I’m not looking forward to the busy 6 weeks or so at the gym while “everyone” hits the gym determined that they won’t be the ones that don’t make the mid-February cut.

If I’m going to make one, for me this year, it would be this: I’d like to finish compiling my RPA portfolio and submit it to get accredited. (It’s a work thing that I’ve been putting off for too long… It would be an excellent qualification to have “under my belt” and could only help me in my future career.)  So there it is in black and white now.  No going back.  I’ll keep you posted….

Happy New Year!  All the best for 2010.