Happy Birthday, Harriet!

My very good friend Harriet turns 40 this month and her husband Pete is putting together an audio clip of messages from her friends and family to mark the occasion.

I thought it would be much easier to write down a few ideas I want to include in my little message before speaking into a microphone…  So with this in mind, my message to Harriet is going to go something like this….
Happy birthday, Harriet!
Pete asked that I record a little message for you to mark the occasion of your 40th birthday…  So for my contribution to this I’ve come up with a list of 10 memorable things from our friendship.  Of course there are many more but these are just some of my favourites…
So in no particular order:
1. There are all the meals we’ve had out together across the Wirral, Liverpool and Warrington over the years. We’ve been for many but there are a only a few we’ve gone back to more than once.  One of these is Spire (http://spirerestaurant.co.uk) which gets my vote as my overall favourite.
2. On one of our meals out we went for Chinese food when you were in the very early stages of being pregnant with Seamus and hadn’t told anyone yet.  I guess Seamus wasn’t keen on Chinese food at that stage in his development…
3. Another interesting dining experience was when we went out for dinner at the greek restaurant (http://www.yiamasgreektaverna.com) in Birkenhead to find that the evenings entertainment included loud music and belly dancing.
4. I loved that time when you gave “that look” to other diners occupying a table at the Wheatsheaf (http://www.wheatsheaf-cowshed.co.uk/food/) that could have been ours when we were waiting and you were hungry.  Scary stuff!
5. You showed some excellent hospitality when you sourced and cooked sausages for us at our campsite in Porthmadog while we walked up and down Snowdon.  That was a nice treat to come back to!
6. Then there was the time you gave me the gift of the man pillow to keep me company when I was single.  I still have it now because it’s so hilarious.
7. For a time we were both members of the same wine and book clubs which ran in parallel.  There was one unfortunate incident with red wine associated with wine club while book club involved a very minimal touch on the books and lots of food and chat.
8. One weekend we went to the music festival ATP in Minehead.  Liverpool to Minehead for the weekend in Frank the van to see lots of bands we’d never heard of.
9.  I am very grateful for the fact that you suggested me as an option to Emily when she was choosing a wedding photographer.  Thank-you for supporting me so much!
10. Although I said this list was in no particular order, I have saved the best to last. When you and Pete asked me to be Anna’s godmother earlier this year I felt so honoured.  Thank-you so much.  When I think of this it makes me feel so happy inside.
So thanks for lots of fun and friendship and on your 40th birthday, here’s to many, many more.  Happy Birthday!