good morning, sir…

So I came to my work’s site gate this morning where the police check our passes before allowing us through.

It was dark and the lights on the car were bright.  I rolled down the window to show my pass to the officer and he said, “Good morning, sir….”!  He quickly corrected himself and made the excuse that so few women work on the site.  He was quite embarassed.  I just laughed because it reminded me of another time when I was mistaken for a boy.

It was in first year university when I lost my student card just before a Calculus exam.  You needed your card to get into write the exam so I was beyond stressed – no exam = course failure.  Brent came to the rescue and went searching.  He went to the reception desk in one of the main student areas and asked if any cards had been turned in and that his friend had lost one.  The (blind?) lady at reception said that they had a card but it was for a boy…. Brent decided to check it out “just in case” and the rest is history.  Of course, it was my card.  My hair *was* quite a bit shorter in those days and I have to admit, I definitely wasn’t wearing pink in the picture.  By the time I had calmed down, wrote the exam and got back to residence, I was able to see the funny side.  Brent has never forgotten.

Funny memories…thanks for reminding me, officer!.Smile