good and bad news

I received some very sad news at the end of last week when I heard that my Aunty Audrey had died.  This was not unexpected but that doesn’t seem to make the news any easier to receive.  She was an amazing lady who was always the life of the party and had a great sense of humour.   I have lots of great memories  of the parties, having to stay there when our flight to England was delayed when we were young and having a great time, her looking in the mirror and saying, “hello gorgeous”, the bathroom decorated with wallpaper of dancing ladies and her and Jennifer miming Paul McCartney party pieces.  We had a lovely visit with them on our way to the airport on our last trip home in September and I will cherish those hugs and tears that we shared.  My thoughts right now are with Uncle Jean, Jennifer and the rest of the family.

I was really glad on Sunday with the coincidence of a trip to London to see Lauren and have a hug from someone that also knew how special Aunty Audrey was.  Lauren and her dad were travelling through London on their way to Europe on a father/daughter trip.  Brent picked me up at the train station and we headed to the Victoria and Albert museum to meet them.  Afterwards we wandered through Hyde Park, Reagents Park, Marylebone, Baker Street and on to Camden.  We had a really enjoyable afternoon and evening.  Here we are having dinner at Brent’s local pub where we had food and toasted Aunty Audrey…


In other news, last night we went to see Ella receive her black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  We are really proud of her – she’s only 10!  She seems to take everything in her stride, never gets nervous and is very confident in her abilities.  Hannah assures me it’s her turn next in 2 years’ time.


In other achievements (albeit not quite so significant!), I received two commendations for pictures I submitted to the Birkenhead Park photographic competition – commended and highly commended.  I went to the presentation of certificates on Saturday which was a bit quiet but I was still quite chuffed to receive them.  I also went to see the play Twopence to Cross the Mersey at the theatre in New Brighton last week with Denis and Lin which was an enjoyable bit of local culture.

We have a bank holiday coming up this weekend so I won’t be complaining about 3 days off!  Lovely stuff.