Glastonbury Festival 2016

Well that’s one off the bucket list – I’ve been to Glastonbury and got the t-shirt.

And what an awful lot of mud there was.

Here is a list of the highs and lows of my first festival experience:


Longest drive – the way down there.  It took us 14 hours from leaving home and the last 7 miles were pretty much stationary traffic.


Most stressful moment – watching Paul (very) quickly try to figure out why there was smoke pouring out of the dashboard of Frank on the long journey down (see “Longest Drive” above).



Best act – I really enjoyed the DJs we saw, actually.  Especially Craig Charles.  This is a picture of Will White from the Propellerheads doing a set on the Thursday evening.



Best gift – the fez hats from Greg and Ceris just in time for Madness.



Biggest surprise – there were a few of these for me.  Getting towed onto the campsite by a tractor wasn’t what I was expecting!  This was on account of the muddy fields from rain prior to the festival.  I also had no idea how big in area the festival actually is.  The site is massive and there is so much going on all the time with something for everyone.  I also got lots of good sleep.  Our campsite was really quiet which was lovely but quite a big surprise for me.



Longest walk – Back and forth to the campsite from the festival site.  There were a few days we did this a couple of times, plus some walking around the festival and clocked up more than 10 miles.


Most tributes paid – to David Bowie.  Not a surprise really…



Worst part – the mud.  And the crowds.  It was so busy and there were always people everywhere.

DSC_2871-Edit DSC_2840 DSC_2746 DSC_2822  DSC_2794


Cutest thing – this guitar playing toddler.  A future Glastonbury star, perhaps.



Best thing – going with a group and having people to camp with and hang out with during the festival.  They were a great bunch.



Funniest thing – when this came down from the sky and ended up on Paul’s head.   It was a wig at the end of a flag pole being controlled by two guys seeking out hairless men to land it on!  Too funny.



Reason to be thankful – that I was sleeping in one of those (see above) and not one of these (see below)!  And also a big thank you to our fellow Glastonbury campers for sharing their experience to make my first experience all together more enjoyable.  It was fun and we are looking forward to a Glastonbury 2016 reunion.



Most unusual skill seen – singing, playing the violin while walking on a tightrope.  How do you learn that…?!



Best PPE – Ear defenders!



Reason to celebrate – Paul and Nigel’s (one of the other members of our party) 50th Birthdays which were both celebrated officially in February 2016.



The whole experience was a bit like being in an alternative universe for a few days where sanitation is limited, people dress in funny clothes with flowers in their hair and trudging through 6 inches of mud becomes normal.

But even though we both enjoyed the experience, I’m not itching to go back again.  The music is great but I will watch it front the TV on a comfortable sofa next year – close to flushing toilets and where there is no need to wear wellies every step of the way. Definitely *not* hard core. 😉