Giant Nuzzle

On Friday I went to Liverpool with Debbie to see the Giants Spectacular that took over the streets of the city centre for the weekend.  What a cool concept – giant puppets about 7.5 metres tall walking around the streets of Liverpool telling a story related to the 100 year anniversary of World War I.  Who thought of that?  It was a great idea as it is believed to have attracted over a million people to the city centre to check it out.  I’ve never seen so many people in the city– quite incredible.

There was a little girl and her dog Xolo and the girl’s grandmother.  We waited around the entrance to the Birkenhead tunnel to watch the action unfold.  We were able to see the grandma walking down the road past the art gallery, library and museum towards where we were standing.  We also saw her sleeping in her wheel chair outside of St. George’s Hall.  Then we saw the little girl wake up with a lick from Xolo and get on her walk around the city.  I got a few pictures… My favourite is the one of Xolo nuzzling the little girl.  Very cute.  We had a nice lunch at Delifonseca and then headed up to the Chinese Arch to see the little girl and Xolo having an afternoon siesta.  

P1080229-5 P1080221 P1080237P1080213  P1080251


The rest of the weekend involved a lovely walk to Hilbre with Stella involving lots of ball action, pilates, starting and finishing off sanding the second of the two garden benches (thank goodness that is done!), watching some of the action from the commonwealth games and doing a bit of cooking and baking.  The falafel burgers turned out well. 

The weather has been so nice and warm here – mid to high twenties – quite unusual.  It cooled down a bit on Sunday to the low twenties.  More of the same this week, apparently… 🙂