from northwest to southeast….

It’s been a bit of a busy week for me this week – largely (entirely, actually) due to work related reasons.

So on Monday I set off down to the Southeast of the country for a visit to a site I’ve been doing some work on – up to this point remotely from Warrington.  I stayed for a couple of nights near Ipswich in Suffolk – a fair ol’ journey really…. My visit turned out to probably be more productive for me than for the project. Not a bad thing, I suppose? I’d never seen a facility like this and it was a good chance to meet like minded radiological protection people and see how they do things on a different site.  I may be down again in the next couple of weeks based on some emails I got today…. I don’t mind, really.  Although I do feel tired, it has made the week fly by.

I had some time on the way home and stopped at a town I’d heard some things about on the Anglia coast called Southwold.  It was a lovely spot and I was wishing that Paul and Frank were there to share it with me.  The weather was incredible – so warm and sunny – I could’ve been abroad….

Southwold 008 Southwold 015 Southwold 014

(If you look very closely where the sea meets the sky in the first picture, you can see the site I visited with work… looking slightly out of place….)

Thursday was a bit of a nervous day for me as I was in Derby for my Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) appointment interview. So I did all that work in January to get my RPA portfolio ready for submission and then I heard at the beginning of May that I had been certified (i.e. the portfolio was good enough). The next step is the company has to deem you competent for the business that they’re involved in.  I guess it went o.k. because the Corporate RPA and the Head of Radiological Protection decided to appoint me…. Good news all around – makes all my hard work in January “worth it” and it also makes it easier for me to maintain my competency.  And it probably gives me a bit more variety in my work too.

Tonight I had a little catch up and some Chinese food with Harriet and Helen.  I think I’m going to feel full for a while! This weekend is going to involve a trip to Chester, a bike ride (weather permitting) and some time with Paul’s sister’s family.  Oh – and a just organised 3-way Skype with Nadine and Katrina (have you signed up yet, Mum?) for Saturday. Very cool.