Fortnightly Round-up

We’ve been keeping busy and having some fun since I last wrote:

We went to the Luminous Landscapes event one evening last week at the Garden Festival Site in Liverpool.  This was an event which was run over a long weekend where there were lots of lights, puppets and characters with lights through the gardens.  There was music and food and it was something quite different…  Although the organisation when we got there was a bit desperate, we were amused by the performers and costumes and particularly Stella’s reaction to them!  It was a nice, clear evening to wander around the gardens and I took a few pictures – nothing that I was too excited about in the end unfortunately though.


I also went to a 3 hour yoga workshop one Saturday afternoon which although not too intense, I felt the culmination of 3 hours of yoga in various muscles in my body over the next couple of days.  I was also the photographer for this event which made me quite nervous to start with but then I really got into the swing of things.  The studio seems reasonably pleased with the outcome.


We went to see our nieces compete in a Tae Kwon Do competition in Deeside last weekend.  They both competed in patterns, sparring and kicking.  Ella came away with a gold for her sparring and I felt quite proud of both her and Hannah for their efforts.

We made our first curry from the curry subscription I got Paul for his birthday.  They send you recipes and spices to enable you to make a full meal.  We had a madras curry, rice, a cauliflower side dish, a salad and a yogurt/mint garnish.  The recipe are really well organised and there is a very clear shopping list stating what you need to buy.  I like it and more importantly Paul did too.  I think the subscription is 3 months long so we will have a couple of more meals before it finishes.

I went to another of my MeetUp groups last week which was called, “Shooting through glass”.  It was kind of an interesting concept and I was pleased with a couple of my pictures.  I am also getting to know people that go so it’s nice to see familiar faces and have a chat.


I finally did the DSLR 2 photography course offered by the Perfect Photo Company.  I did the DSLR 1 course a few years ago after Paul bought me the little camera and I was so excited about what I’d learned and the pictures I’d taken that I couldn’t sleep at night!  I really enjoyed the course this time too and it had the added bonus that Simon and Elis attended it as well so I had some friends to talk to. 🙂


We had another birthday celebration for Paul at Jayne’s one night as well.  He wasn’t expecting the banner, cake and home-made sign but it was nice to see him getting fussed.  I have really enjoyed celebrating his birthday and feel slightly sad that it’s over – although we still have Glastonbury and our week away in Wales in April which are extensions of the celebration I think it’s fair to say!


I am very excited because a Liverpool photographer has been in touch offering me the opportunity to second shoot weddings with her.  I have been trying for ages to get some real wedding experience before the proper wedding in September so I am really delighted about this.

We have also started volunteering for a charity called the Wirral Animal Sanctuary.  I had tried last year to offer my photography services to some established animal charities in the area but the offer seemed to fall on deaf ears.  The Wirral Animal Sanctuary has just been established with an aim of having somewhere to house homeless animals of all descriptions… I took some pictures at their car boot sale and we have another date lined up to do some promotional stuff.  I have roped Paul in as well to help out with some of the photo props!


It’s Josh’s turn for his birthday this weekend so we look forward to a meal out celebrating with our family and hopefully a trip out with Stella and the camera too of course!