What is the symbol in your logo?  It’s called an Inukshuk.  You can find Inuksuit in Northern Canada where they act as "helpers" to the Inuit as they naviagte.  They are built by placing stones on top of stones and can endure extreme weather and remain visible in snowy conditions.  The Inukshuk has become a symbol of help, hope and friendship. 

Why did you move here from Canada? I get asked this question a lot!  My Mum is British and moved to Canada when she was in her twenties.  She met my Dad, got married and had her family (my sister and me).  When I finished my university degree, I knew I could work in the UK without restriction so I thought I would come and stay for a couple of months… That was nearly 20 years ago! 

Why is your dog called Stella?  Stella was a surprise Christmas present for Paul.   The rumours that she is named after his favourite lager (and not after a star) are true…   

How long is the coverage provided for my wedding day?  My packages include 10 hours cover as standard.  Depending on timings, this is usually enough to cover everything from bridal preparations to the first dance.  Additional hours can be purchased on top of this if required.

How long will it take for the pictures to be ready?

  • For weddings, your pictures will be available within 6 weeks of your wedding.  This gives me a chance to review, edit and prepare a cohesive collection of images which tell the story of your day.  
  • For pet and portrait sessions, I aim to have your collection of edited images available within 4 weeks of the session.  

Are you a member of any professional associations? I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.  The Society encourages development and discussion about all aspects of the business of photography and promotes the interests of photographers.  I am also a member of Photographers Keeping it Real whose membership includes some of the best documentary wedding photographers.  I am a registered member of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber supports members providing practical advice and support and champions Wirral as a great location for business. 

Do you have insurance?  Yes - I have cover for my own equipment but more importantly for you I have public liability insurance which provides protection if anyone suffers personal injury or property damage.  I hope to never use this but better to be safe than sorry!

How can I book?  Get in touch via the contact page or email me at [email protected]  We can meet up and have a chat about your plans.


I'd love to have my dog's picture taken but he/she won't sit still.  What should I do?  Don't worry!  Have a read of this!

I so enjoy these sessions and I really want you to do the same.  They can be a bit unpredictable but that adds to the fun.  The pressure is on me to get the pictures, not you (or your pet!)

How should I prepare my pet for their session?  

  • Bring a plain collar and/or lead on your session. Patterned or collars with club logos etc. can be distracting in your photographs.
  • Consider if you want your pet to be groomed before they have their picture taken or if you prefer the “au natural” look…
  • Bring something along with you that your pet loves – it may be treats that motivates or perhaps you pet is more like Stella and toys win everytime.
  • Dress as if you might be in the picture. Although your goal may be to get a great picture of your pet, this may involve you being in it!
  • Make sure that your pet has had a chance to – how can I put it delicately – relieve themselves before the shoot.  Although accidents during shoots aren’t anything to get too upset about, everyone tends to be more comfortable if this is taken care of ahead of time!
  • For dogs, it's often a good idea to take them for a walk ahead of their session.  This can help to moderate energy levels (!) and also address the previous point giving them an opportunity to relieve themselves!

How should I prepare for my portrait session?  

  • Wear plain bright colours.  Patterns can be a little distracting and take the attention away from your face and light colours can fade into the background a bit.  
  • For children, if you have something that is interesting for them (a favourite toy, game etc.), please bring it along.  Some people also bring a change of clothes as this offers picture variety (but it can be essential for small children)!
  • I aim for these sessions to be relaxed and fun for everyone so I can capture some natural expressions.  Depending on attention spans (!), the sessions usually last 1-1.5 hrs but I don't finish until I've got what we wanted.  

What is your privacy policy?  

You can check out the details of my privacy policy here.