edinburgh again….

I’ve been busy in my new job taking trips up to Edinburgh to support a project we’re working on up there.  There are worse places to go for work, that’s for sure – but Sunday evening when I was on my way there I begrudged cutting my weekend short a wee bit…. And I have to do the same next weekend.  But it’s only short term and it means by the time Thursday night rolls around, I’ll have done my hours for the week.

Stella went for her first hair cut on Friday which I don’t think she was too impressed about but you’re supposed to do these things to get them used to lots of different experiences when they’re young.  And the matted bit behind her ear is gone and her ears don’t drag in her food when she eats now.  It’s funny actually because the groomer is the daughter-in-law (Andrea) of my Mum’s cousin (Bebe)  (are you following here….?) but I hadn’t seen her since Grandpa died.  I’d been thinking about the groomers but when I exchanged a few emails Bebe and found out that Andrea does grooming, I went for it.  She is a good contact in the doggy world – into agility training and home boarding too.

Saturday we took Stella with her new hair cut to Delamere and then to see Julie and Stuart and their chickens.  We ended up coming home with bags of apples and plums picked from their trees too which was a lovely surprise.  On the way home, we went to see Paul’s sister and the kids and heard the stories and saw pictures and videos of their time in Euro Disney.  They had a great time and they all have memories of the trip that’ll last a lifetime.

Sunday I baked up a storm with all the apples that I’d gotten from Julie’s trees the previous day: apple crumble, apple flapjack, apple sauce.  Rather than Paul and I eating them all ourselves, I will inflict these deserts on future guests!  So that’s why the freezer looks so full!