easter weekend…

4 days off… heaven!

And with the exception of Friday where we had a little drizzle, it has been a great weather weekend.

On Saturday we met up with Lauren, Davoud and Lauren’s sister Karen who is visiting from Canada for a walk up Conwy mountain in Wales.  I shouldn’t have admitted that I’d actually done this walk before with Annalie one weekend a couple of years back.  That made me automatically in charge of the map and directions and I went wrong on the first turn!  Just my memory up to its usual tricks… We got back on track though and made it around safety in the end.  We finished off the walk by enjoying the sun with a portion of chips at the very busy town harbour.

Conwy Mountain 003 Conwy Mountain 004 Conwy Mountain 006

On Sunday we went to the christening of Paul’s friend’s Neil and Jayne’s baby.  He is called Syd and amazingly remained very quiet for the duration of the service.  The church was near to the Birkenhead docks which is a very industrial area of town.  I was amazed when I walked inside the church at the contrasting beauty inside compared to outside.  The reception was held at Birkenhead Park Rugby Club so we walked there and back.  For the second time over the weekend, we sat outside in the sun: this time on the Rugby Club patio sipping drinks.

Today we had a bit of a lazy morning, changed a light fitting in the hall….(well, Paul did this, I *supervised*…) and then we played Easter Bunny to Paul’s nieces and nephew.  On the way home, we stopped (in true bank holiday style) to buy a gardening tool and then I had a little afternoon nap.  We’ve just made some food and settled into our allocated positions on the sofas for some chilling out in front of the television prior to work in the morning.  A lovely, relaxing day.

It’s another 4 day weekend for me next weekend too…. we’re going camping with Lauren, Davoud and Brent in the Peak District and I have decided to extend the weekend by a couple of days so I can be princess for the day on my birthday…

4 days on, 4 days off.  I could get used to that!