don’t cry over spilt milk….

Well it’s back to “normal” this week after a week off work and a lovely visit with my Mum and Dad. They came last Friday and stayed for a week – which went way too fast as these visits usually do.

We stayed pretty local for the duration but still managed to have relatively full days out. Here is a list of my personal highlights of the week:

Best day out: A day over the water in Liverpool looking at the Cathedral, in the shops, having lunch in the Maritime Museum, getting a taste of some of the Liverpool biennial exhibition contemporary art around the city and going on the wheel.

Liverpool & Royden Park 020 Liverpool & Royden Park 013 Dad's Pictures 059
Best art at the Liverpool biennial (of that seen): Laura Belém’s, “The Temple of a Thousand Bells”

Liverpool & Royden Park 009 Liverpool & Royden Park 007
Best walk: Royden Park/Thurstaston. I was quite pleased I was able to navigate unassisted around the route which had a good mix of forest trails and sea views. Total walking time 1.5 hours.

Mum & Dad's Visit 039 Mum's Pictures 042 Mum's Pictures 052
Best meal: Fish and Chips from Giorgio’s in Claughton. They are the best fish and chips. They come in a cardboard box (no newspaper here!) and are always prepared fresh and efficiently. So good we had them twice.

Mum's Pictures 062
Best home entertainment: Watching the DVD of the old cine film of Granny and Grandpa’s.  All 3+ hours of it.
Best family occasion: The BBQ with Paul’s family and my Mum and Dad – a chance for everyone to meet for the first time. Everyone got along very well, of course, so there really was no need for me to worry.

Mum & Dad's Visit 029
Best dessert: School bus cake which was an early celebration of Dad’s 70th birthday and was so big it lasted the week!

Mum's Pictures 290 Mum & Dad's Visit 015
Best lesson learned: How to make scones Grandma Renfrey’s way (given by Mum to me).
Number of pictures taken: More than 800 across four cameras.  That’s a lot of pictures!

Cameras 002
Funniest thing: Mum putting some milk in the bottom of her tea cup and then deciding she needed to look at the bottom of it. Out came the milk! Doh!
Best overall highlight: Spending time together.
Hardest part: Saying good-bye.

I think that about sums it up. It was a great visit and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

P.S. I can’t take credit for all the photos this time. They are provided here courtesy of Mum, Dad and me.