dog watch

Last Thursday Stella got spayed.  Poor little thing – Paul dropped her off in the morning and she was very excited about the other animals and people at the vets and then what happens…. When we picked her up after work, she was looking very worried and sorry for herself.  At least she still peed when she saw us.  😉 After a bit of a worry about weeping stitches, everything has gone well.  And fortunately we’re on the home stretch now with the stitches coming out tomorrow.

So the last little while, we’ve been staying pretty close to home keeping an eye on Stella; making sure she doesn’t try to eat her stitches and doesn’t get too stressed about wearing the big “buster” collar.  We’ve also been trying to make sure she has enough exercise while restricted to lead walks…  On one of them, though, we came across these Wellington boots filled with flowers.  It’s was one of several displays on Wellington Road in Oxton Village – very clever.

So we haven’t been too far from home since the operation.  Paul has been continuing his work on the front of the house, we’ve been doing a bit of gardening and also planning for our international visitors this month….

First up is Mum next week who is coming with her Minister and friend Kim and staying with us a few days before heading to a retreat house in the south.  I can’t wait to see Mum and get to know Kim a bit better.  That’ll be followed by a visit from Annalie after a radiation protection conference we’re both attending in Glasgow.  It’s been a few years since Annalie moved to New Zealand and we have a lot of catching up to do!