Dog Days Round Up

This summer we organised mini dog photo shoots to raise money for Wirral Animal Sanctuary.  We called it Dog Days.   We had such fun meeting all the dogs and their owners and each dog brought their own very special uniqueness to their shoot.
This got me thinking that it would be fun to make a Best of Dog Days list to celebrate the dogs that helped make Dog Days a success.  So here we go then:
 Daisy-9835Best trick – Daisy 
Holding that treat on her nose was something else.  We’ve tried many times to get Stella to do this and failed miserably.  Well done Daisy!
Best mutitasker – Buzz
How many toys can one dog play with at the same time?  It turns out that the answer to this question is lots and in fact, more toys than I had available at the shoot in fact!
Best head tilt – Coco
From side to side and back again… And again. Coco reacted to funny noises, talking, toys and well just about anything really!  After a while, most dogs tend to become immune to the sounds but not Coco.
Best entrance – Buddy
Buddy arrived for his photoshoot in a pram.  How awesome is that!? Buddy also probably wins the award for the best impression of a koala bear.
Biggest Mummy’s Boy – Taylor
When the lights and the treats and toys got too much for Taylor, he went to his Mum for her to tell him it was all okay.
Biggest thief – Oleg
Oleg just loved rummaging around trying to find and steal treats wherever he thought they might be.  It’s kind of funny because Oleg actually won his photo shoot for appearing as a police officer (alongside his Mum who was dressed as a robber) in the New Brighton fancy dress parade! It seems the true nature of his character is just the opposite!
Best dressed – Poppy
Poppy had her very own poppy patterned harness to match her name hand made by Dad making her a clear winner in the best dressed category.
Hungriest dog – Oscar
When a Labrador is involved, you pretty much know that there can be no other contenders in a category involving food.
Best role overs- Tillie
She just kept going for it with her roll overs… Although she didn’t mind stopping every once in a while to have her tummy rubbed.
Most blurred dog/owner boundary- Ness
When Ness’ Dad put a treat in his mouth to give to Ness, it made me feel slightly less crazy about doing the same with a ball for Stella!
Best tongue – Morgan
Well it was definitely the one we saw the most anyways….  I only took one picture that didn’t feature Morgan’s tongue and this is it!  Good thing sticky out tongues don’t mean the same in dog speak as they do in human speak!
Thanks to all those who came along, brought their furry family to visit and supported the great work of Wirral Animal Sanctuary.