Do you ever get the feeling that the weekend just goes way too fast?

Now first of all I think it is definitely necessary for me to do a radio show style “shout out” for my Mum who on Monday graduated from the University of Toronto with her Diploma in Lay Ministry.  Lots of hard work, trips to Toronto and general soul searching for her while she was doing her course work make her success that much more special.  Well done, Mum!

On Friday night, I had a meal out with Helen and Harriet in Liverpool which was very lovely food ( and a good catch up as always.  I drove past Hartington Road on the way home and waved for Lauren!  For most of the rest of the weekend, I’ve been pulling together our wedding photo album.  I’ve also done a little baking, had a trip into Birkenhead and Paul’s been DIY-ing at his sister’s house.  We’ve also watched a couple of movies (Avatar, Harry Potter: the Half Blood Prince).  It all feels pretty relaxing but definitely one of those weekends where you end up wondering where the time has gone…

Tomorrow is Paul and my two month “mo”versary.  “Time flies by when you’re having fun”….according to my husband!  We’re going to meet in Liverpool after work and go on the Liverpool Big Wheel and have a meal out.  The celebration of “mo”versaries is Melissa’s idea but I like that we’ve adopted it too.

Next weekend we’re off camping to Morfa Nevyn in North Wales with Fred, Barbara and Dave from the Capenhurst crew.  If the weather is half as good as the weekend we went last year, we’ll be happy!