diy, a play and lunch date(s)…

Well it was a weekend at home this past weekend – although I look forward to weekends away, I was also looking forward to spending time in the house and being a bit more relaxed about everything.

We started with some of our kitchen renovation preparations.  We were moving things in and out of various cupboards and Paul took down some kitchen cupboards and took the tiles off the wall.  This work will continue this weekend as the floor tiles are scheduled to come up and some of the electrical supplies get moved about.  The work in the back of the house was interspersed with more work on the front of the house preparing the windows for painting, some walks with Stella, the Olympics and the highlight of the weekend – a play at the Liverpool Royal Court.

Reds and Blues ( was about the rivalry between the 2 football teams in Liverpool.  Two neighbours spend the majority of the play “taking the piss” about the other’s football team.  The audience was involved right from the very beginning with various factions booing and cheering at their appropriate interval.  It was very funny and we were both laughing out loud.  Some of the references and jokes I didn’t quite get (older, pre “Val-in-England” references mainly) but I always understood the gist of the messages.  In the end the neighbours were reunited in their hatred for Manchester United!  The venue is really good too as you can book and go early for a pre-dinner meal and sit at tables for the show.  All very civilised.

I had lunch today with Helen as Monday was her birthday…. That was a nice distraction from the office.  Wish it could’ve been longer though!  On Thursday I have another lunch date with Emma from Capenhurst so I am getting spoiled with lunch dates this week!