Digital Swaledale Photography Workshop

I spent 2 days on Sunday and Monday this week on a landscape photography workshop in Reeth, North Yorkshire.  The course was one of the ones run by Digital Swaledale and what a perfect setting Swaledale is to take landscape pictures.

On day 1, John and Sylvia took me and another student out in their T25 campervan into the beautiful dale.  They definitely knew some great  spots to stop and used each to explain specific, different techniques to us.  It was really nice to spend the day with like minded people and have 1:1 photography tuition specific to my strengths and weaknesses.

On day 2, I returned to the Digital Swaledale workshop at John and Sylvia’s house just off the green in Reeth for post processing of the pictures I’d taken on the previous day.  I was introduced to Adobe Lightroom which is like a revelation to me.   After John chose a couple of pictures of mine to work on in the morning, I took over in the afternoon and by the end of the day had started to get the hang of it.

What I really liked about the workshop was that there was no pressure and I often felt like we were just chatting away even though a significant amount of information was being shared.  I have taken away a great deal from the course:  particularly, what to do with my polarising filter, where to look for interesting pictures and the capability of Lightroom in post processing.  I also picked up some useful “non technical” tips like advice on tripod and backpack purchases!

A big thank-you to John and Sylvia for all their help and patience over the couple of days.  And here are my five favourite pictures from the workshop…. sort of in order from 1 to 5….

Digital Swaledale-21

Digital Swaledale-21-2

Digital Swaledale-13