delayed blog

Well it’s been an age since my last blog.  Here’s a little update of what’s been going on….

Kitchen stuff.  This has been our primary focus over the last month.  Things are progressing in the right direction.  Perhaps a bit more slowly than we would both like but definitely on the track.  We should be there or there abouts for Christmas.  Our radiators got fitted a couple of weeks ago – 2nd time of trying and after major grouting issues last week (now resolved), we are without a sink and washing machine this week while work on that part of the floor progresses.  The kitchen units are also getting delivered a week today which is rather exciting.  Short term pain for long-term gain…. 😉

Jury duty.  Paul is on this for the next couple of weeks.  This has resulted in a rearrangement in our usual weekly routine as he can’t come home at lunch and let Stella out for her lunchtime ablutions… So I am taking her to the new doggy day care for a few extra days this week.  What a great place that is – highly recommended.  She is so excited to go and play with all the toys and gets a glowing report when I pick her up at the end of the day.  Everyone loves her – apparently. Hopefully she doesn’t pee on the floor too much while she’s there… 

Christmas shopping.  I went yesterday to Chester with Harriet and Helen for a spot of this.  We enjoyed a lunch out, the cathedral bells, Christmas decorations and managed to pick up a couple of little things for under the tree too.

Birthday parties.  The twins turned 8 on the 10th of November.  There was a lovely butterfly cake, lots of presents and 2 very happy girls.


Capenhurst.  I’m enjoying working back there and being busy – and I’ve been especially enjoying being closer to home.  I’ve been having lunches in the canteen with friends that I used to work with and catching up with them has also been a highlight of being back.  I miss my morning gym sessions but I am quite happy with our home gym and have been doing quite a bit of Pilates which is a nice change and challenge.  

Moversary.  We treated ourselves to a fire, a takeaway and a movie called, “The Magic of Belle Isle” with Morgan Freeman.  Nice. 

Christmas now seems to be approaching at rapid pace… Looking forward to our trip to Paris to see Julie and Stuart and explore the Christmas markets at the beginning of December to really kick the festive season off… 😉