delamere forest

Well we had unseasonably warm temperatures over this past weekend and as luck would have it, we’d planned a camping trip to Delamere Forest. It’s not even an hours drive from our house but the site is right on the edge of the forest park where there are more walking trails than you could shake a stick at – perfect for a puppy that probably shouldn’t be tackling mountainous terrain at this stage of bone and joint development in her young life.

I arrived at the site on Friday night after her last puppy class – she graduated with (flying?) colours. 😉 Paul and Frank had arrived earlier and were well settled in. Friday night was not a good night for sleeping – I guess Stella had spent most of the day alone and was quite excited about sleeping so close to us and was desperate to get on the bed with us so there was lots of jumping up. By 6:30am, she’d past the point of no return and we were all up.

We headed out quite early for a walk. There are lots of meres and boggy bits in the forest but the trails were dry and quiet at that time of the day. We stopped at the visitors centre on the way back for ice cream (me) and a bacon sandwich (Paul). When we all got back to the van just before noon, the sun was out and we got out the chairs to sit outside…. and then all fell asleep! We woke up in time to head out again to meet Julie, Stuart and Dave for an afternoon walk. We were out for another couple of hours and the second walk of the day was again concluded with ice cream (mint chocolate chip this time – yum, yum).

In the evening, we had a little picnic and Stella made lots of friends with people on the campsite. Every time someone walked past she wanted to go and see them…. A couple of the kids really liked her and kept coming and talking to me and petting her. By the time we were ready for bed, Stella was too and settled very well indeed and slept for almost 10 hours with only a couple of attempts to get into the bed.


Sunday morning it was time for another early morning walk on the trails and then home in the afternoon to celebrate (the other) Paul’s 40th birthday party with games in the sunbathed garden with the puppy and kids. The perfect finish to a lovely weekend.