deja vu….

Due to the success of a camping trip last year to Morfa Nevyn in North Wales, we planned to go to the same place on the same weekend again this year. We definitely couldn’t have planned that the weather was going to be exactly the same too. Last year it was one of the hottest weekends of the year. Same too this year (so far). Clear, sunny, warm days. Shorts the whole weekend. Given that there are usually only a couple of weekends a summer in the UK where shorts are actually necessary, it is a bit of a weird coincidence. It all felt a bit like a really good deja vu.

There were a few changes to the attendees this year with Paul joining us, hurrah! (he was working last year) but Robert, Andy, Julie and Stuart crying off, boo!

We arrived on Friday night after work and walked to meet Fred, Barbara and Dave at the fabulous pub on the beach where they were waiting for us, drinks in hand. We had a good catch up while watching the evening roll in across a very still sea. The perfect end to a busy week.

Morfa Nevyn 056
On Saturday we were up and out early to catch the boat to Bardsey Island ( This was a fascinating place where now only 8 people live. There used to be over 100. I was kind of expecting an organised boat tour with maybe 40 people or something queuing up at a ticket booth. It was actually just us on our boat over there for the day (there were others staying for the week) and it was a bit like just getting on some guys boat, giving him a pile of cash and hoping he’d take you where you wanted to go! We spent the day walking the perimeter of the island, watching the seals and the birds and checking out the ruins of an abbey. 4 of the occupants of the island are a family who for 3 years have lived on the island and managed the farmland and herd of 400 sheep. The kids looked to be about 11 and 13 or something like that and are home schooled. I would’ve loved to learn more about what they thought of their life on the island. Did they have any friends? They seemed like “normal” kids. How often did they go to the mainland? They didn’t have electricity or a flushing toilet… we used their grass toilet when we stopped at their little cafe/shop for a drink. What did they do for entertainment? None of the normal things that occupy kids – TV, internet, video games presumably!

Morfa Nevyn 004 Morfa Nevyn 046 Morfa Nevyn 023 Morfa Nevyn 026 Morfa Nevyn 042Morfa Nevyn 033

Saturday night when we got back to the campsite we had a lovely big BBQ and sat out in the evening until 11pm watching the stars appear in the sky.

Morfa Nevyn 052

On Sunday we headed back to the pub on the beach for our lunch preceded by a walk along the headland. Then, sadly, it was time for home.  I think we’re all seriously depressed about being back in the “real world”. It really felt like we go away from it all…. So, of course, the 3rd annual camping trip is booked for next year. Same time, same place, same weather….?

Morfa Nevyn 058