Decay, chemistry, art and mud

On Friday night I went to dinner with Helen and Harriet in Warrington at a restaurant called, “The Grill on the Square”.  It was located on a green and pleasant square in central Warrington a stone’s throw away from where I took my piano exam.  I immensely enjoyed my mixed grill kebab, peanut butter ice cream and catching up.  I enjoyed less the fact that over the course of dinner, the soles of my shoes seem to decay away to a crumbling black mess under the table at the lovely restaurant.  They were old shoes (in fact I remember Grandpa giving me the money for them when I first moved over here for a Christmas present) but they weren’t everyday shoes so I thought they were in pretty good condition.  It was like the rubber soles had been affected by some external influence (biological, chemical, physical?) but they had been in the cupboard in my bedroom for most of their life.  Needless to say they went in the bin when I got home!  Earlier in the day I’d been to Birkenhead Park with Stella to look at the spring flowers…. That was pretty nice too and my shoes didn’t fall apart on that occassion!   

P1050436-1 P1050447-1

On Saturday we went to a science museum with Jayne and co. called Catalyst.  It was quite chemically biased which I guess makes sense due to the fact that it was based in Widnes which is really close to several chemical processing sites.  It was an interactive place and I had fun with the kids trying out some different experiments and building bridges.  I did get told off by the twins after deciding to have just a cookie for lunch.  This isn’t very healthy apparently…and we talked about the fat content of the cookie and how I would have to eat lots of vegetables in the evening to counteract this.  Wise ol’ 9 year olds!  P1050480

On Sunday we went to Port Sunlight to see the Turner exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. 


My favourite painting, New Moon, wasn’t there but I enjoyed the dream like, ethereal feel of the rest of the paintings as well as a wander around the rest of the gallery.  Of course, we were thinking about and missing Lauren.  In the evening we went to watch the sunset at Heswall Shore.  It’s really, really muddy down there and welly boots are pretty much essential.  There were a couple of times I was worried about getting stuck and the mud on my boots must have weighed at least as much as the boots themselves but I was really pleased (proud, Mum?) with the picture I took.   P1050556-4

Half way through the week which means it’s almost our anniversary weekend!  Yeah!