Days in, nights out…

This weekend I went out both nights but spent the days in… Slightly different from my usual pattern of activities!

On Friday night, Paul and I went to see the Lightening Seeds at the Liverpool Philharmonic. It was really entertaining and the lead singer, Ian Brodie had lots of guests join him on stage including lead singers from the Coral, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Specials. His (teenage?) son was also playing the guitar…. I love going to concerts there – it is easy to park, very civilised and the sound is really good.

On Saturday I went out in Chester with some people I work with for a lovely meal at Oddfellows followed by a trip to a pub. At the pub there were a few men dressed as flight attendants from Virgin Atlantic wearing the most amazing wigs and make-up. I couldn’t stop staring in amazement at how they’d done their makeup and what amazing figures they had! I was a little taken aback when some of the people I was with started touching the hair, earrings and squeezing the boobs of these beautifully dressed men…. I thought maybe I just needed to get into the spirit of the occasion so when one of them asked in the very busy pub if they could squeeze past, I promptly squeezed his boob before letting him go past. It was only after that I found out that the other girls knew the guy they had been squeezing. Whereas I didn’t! Oh dear – how embarrassing. Nobody seemed to mind anyways! 😉

On Sunday I recovered from my embarrassment by taking Stella for a walk by the lighthouse. I then helped to receive several tonnes of stone for the front garden and to start work in it. Again, my contribution will be minimal compared to Paul’s but hopefully I can help out a bit.

P1050939-2 P1050944-4

This week I have a couple of meals out. One with Simon and Robert and another with the team I work with at Capenhurst. A day in Warrington and a day off makes for a pretty varied week….