cumbria camping: pudding and walks included…

This weekend saw our 4th trip to Cumbria of the year.  We visited some familiar places over the weekend and got a couple of decent walks in too.  We camped at Tebay on the first night and Gosforth the second.  We hadn’t stayed at these sites before and they definitely served a purpose – the Tebay site in particular was super convenient and having a browse around the farm shop when we got there on Friday was rather mouth watering and resulted in the purchase and consumption of my most favourite of all British puddings: sticky toffee pudding….

On Saturday we walked around Keswick and Derwentwater.  The weather was a bit wet Saturday afternoon but Sunday was glorious.

Cumbria Trip 3 005-1

On Sunday we walked 10 and half miles in Swindale valley – it was the same walk we did with Annalie and Paul in January of this year but this felt like a completely different walk for a couple of reasons:

  • Finding the (right!) paths was a lot easier this time.  They weren’t all covered in snow and we’d learned from our previous mistakes.
  • The right paths took us to some different, more varied places.
  • Walking in snowless conditions was easier than walking in heavy snow, but it was very wet underfoot instead and I wish I’d worn my gaiters!
  • It was warm enough to wear just one layer.
  • We caught the sun on our faces.

Remembering back to January, it was quite magical to walk in the snow in such a remote, untouched spot.  I can probably count on my hand how many times I’ve done that in this country.  And of course, the walk in January was also special because it was our farewell walk with Annalie and Paul before they headed off to their lives in New Zealand!

January 2009

Swindale Walk 014

September 2009

Cumbria Trip 3 028 Cumbria Trip 3 034

The camping trips for the year are nearing the end now.  I hope we get at least one more in before I’m just not able to cope with the cold nights…. I’ll really miss it over the winter months but we’ve already agreed that we’ll maintain a schedule of “one walking trip”/month even if it means resorting in B&Bs….