counting down….

Well the count down really is on…. for 2 reasons, really:

Firstly, I finish my job at Rolls Royce tomorrow which as expected is slightly stressful for me. It’s a combination of my dislike for being the centre of attention and also for saying lots of good-byes. It was difficult to decide to leave but from a career point of view I felt I needed to keep moving forward and gaining good experience. The work just wasn’t coming in at Rolls Royce. This past Friday night there was a bit of a night out in Manchester as there are 3 of us leaving the company the same week…(a bit of an indication of the general state of things in the office, one might suggest….?) It involved a nice pub in Manchester, catching up with some people who had already left, some food and lots of good conversation.

And the second reason for counting down is on Friday we’re off to Canada. It’s been 2 years since the last visit and we’ve both been looking forward to summer sun and time with family and friends. Time in Alliston, trips to Guelph, Oakville, Thornhill, Scarborough, Brighton, Toronto, Algonquin are all on the cards. There is also a get together at my Mum’s church hall planned on Saturday with friends from high school, university and life in Canada in general coming. My Mum is calling it a “celebration” and refusing to let us pay for the food, hall rental or liquor license. I think I’ll have to have words on that one!

In terms of a weekend update from the past weekend, it was a bit of getting organised, packing, gardening (including the removal of the dead palm tree from our garden – a victim of our cold winter) walks with Stella and time with Jayne and Paul and the kids. Here’s a couple of pictures.


We also came across this meadow in Birkenhead Park on one of our walks. Nice, isn’t it?