Congratulations Robert & Emily

So it was my first time as the lead photographer at a wedding a couple of weeks ago – I felt quite nervous starting the day but once I got going I quickly realised what I love about taking wedding pictures. You get such a great an insight into this special day that many people (including many of the invited guests!) don’t get.  I truly felt like a part of Emily and Rob’s day.  I was excited to see Emily’s dress – and the bridesmaids too.  I couldn’t wait for the flowers to be delivered to see what they were like and I was curious how the girls would have their hair.  It is great photographing as well – you get so many opportunities to be creative and there are so many aspects of the day to photograph that every type of photography gets called into use – there are landscapes, portraits, detail shots and lots of “press style” reporting on the day as well.

Denis came along with me and was a great help. I was so glad to have his company, ideas and picture taking skills on board!  We started at 10am for the getting ready shots which were done at Emily’s Mum’s house.  Emily’s dress was beautiful with a long train and a long, fitted bodice.  The bridesmaids had navy on and Harriet’s children who were the page boys and flower girl had the cutest co-ordinated outfits.    Everyone seemed to be ready early and things progressed calmly but I wasn’t surprised as the morning crescendo climaxed into a last minute panic to get out of the door.  To be fair though, Emily was early arriving at the church.

Denis had gone to the church early to get pictures of the groom and best man waiting. Holy Trinity Church, Wavertree was very photogenic (especially with the balcony) and it was quite light too.   I was pleased that we had been able to go to the rehearsal earlier in the week as it gave us an idea of what was allowed in the church regarding pictures and also how the ceremony would go.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to stand at the front of the church to get shots of the Rob’s expression when he saw Emily but we were pretty much given free reign other than that.  The service was lovely and I liked the choice of Hymns – especially “All things bright and beautiful”!  It really brought home the importance of the occasion when I could see Emily’s emotions coming through during the vows and exchange of the rings.

Unfortunately the weather could have been better – it was very windy and a bit showery. We did manage some pictures outside of the church after the ceremony though.Once we got to the Racquet Club in the city centre, there was a bit of time for a few more pictures. The decorations in the dining room were really nice and I loved the way the old squash court was converted into a social space with lots of seating, a library and a grand piano.  Denis and I had time for a little break and some food when everyone else was eating and then it was onto the speeches.  Emily’s Dad speech was excellent – I still remember him speaking at Harriet’s wedding and he was good then too.  The groom’s speech was short and sweet and the best man’s speech amused me as he laughed his head off at his own stories and jokes.

I liked the LOVE letters with the lights that came into their own in the evening on the dance floor and the guest book with the associated polaroid camera so Emily and Rob could remember who’d come. The little wooden hearts to write  little message for the bride and groom and slot into the wooden frame were neat too.  There had been a lot of thought put into this day and it went beautifully.  I am sure Rob and Emily were pleased .

After the cake cutting and first dance, we stayed for a few more evening pictures and then headed home. I was so tired – my hands were sore from holding the camera and my hips were sore from getting into strange crouching positions presumably!  However, I couldn’t quite manage to sleep.  I went to bed and had nightmares about the memory cards getting erased or maybe I’d missed the key shots.  Never mind – I ended up getting up to see Mo Farrah win the 5000m race in the Olympics and to hear a bit of the last ever Tragically Hip concert being streamed live on CBC.  Every cloud….

We took well over 2000 pictures between us on the day but I got them down to just under 400 to give to the bride and groom. They say they love them…. And rest… 😉

Here are a few of my favourites…