collision of worlds….

I had a surreal experience last night when I met a friend from high school, Catherine Lyte, at a pub in Liverpool for drinks and dinner. I haven’t seen Catherine probably for about 12 years but I noticed on facebook that she was on holiday in Liverpool so we arranged to meet. (So face”stalk” can be good for some things….!) It was a bit like a Seinfeld “collision of worlds” though when we first recognised each other. I never thought I’d be seeing Catherine on the streets of Liverpool 12 years ago! We had a great catch up. I met her partner and baby boy, Rowan who is a very happy little guy from what I can gather. I took some old pictures to look at of us in high school being free from responsibilities (and wrinkles)! We reflected how we were lucky to have such a good, close group of friends at that time of our lives and that a reunion of the “murder mystery crew” was definitely overdue.

Last weekend in the Lakes was a very nice weekend too. Too bad the weather on Sunday wasn’t very conducive to high level walking but sitting in the warm sun on the beach on Saturday was a pretty good trade off.

2nd Cumbria Weekend 021 2nd Cumbria Weekend 002
This weekend Lauren and I are off to Amsterdam! I am looking forward to this very much although feeling slightly paranoid about catching one of these evil flus or viruses before we go that seem rather rife at the moment around work…. Everyone seems to have something or other or their child, partner, parent etc etc does. Maybe I should stay away from work until the trip just in case? 😉