Christmas wish list

Well winter temperatures seem to have arrived here this week as we get weather from Siberia?!  No sign of snow yet for us though so let’s hope it stays that way.

Just over a week of work left before finishing for Christmas which is a break we’re both looking forward to.  My wishes for Christmas this year are as follows:

  • Have at least 3 afternoon naps.
  • Get updated on Skype with Canada people frequently.
  • Watch “Love Actually”.
  • That the kitchen renovations are ready enough to have Paul’s family over for some sort of Christmas festivities and crafts.
  • Paul, Stella and I go on at least 5 walks together.
  • Play a Christmas carol that is recognisable on the piano.
  • That everyone I love is in good health and is happy.
  • And I don’t gain any weight with all the sweet stuff that there is around and about to eat! 😉

Pretty simple stuff but that tends to be what works for me.

The countdown is on….