christmas stuff…

The Christmas stuff has started… I guess last weekend was probably the “official” kick off for me.  
Let see so last Friday was my work Christmas party. We went to a hotel in Chester and had dinner and there was dancing too.  My hair was curly for the occassion.  What do you think?  I didn’t do much dancing -in fact I stayed put in that very spot most of the night chatting away.  I enjoyed myself.
Brent paid us a visit as well and – keeping in the Christmas spirit – we went and watched the village light switch on.  We enjoyed some time in front of the fire listening to Christmas music with Lauren and Davoud.  We also got a real Christmas tree from a Welsh Christmas tree farm.  That was a rather amusing experience.  I think the tree looks pretty cool.  My dream of a real tree in the bay window of the new house has come true! 
On Monday, we both had a day off and headed to Manchester to check out the Christmas markets.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t play with rain most of the day.Umbrella  We still enjoyed the atmosphere of the markets, lunch in Wagamama and taking the train there and back.  It made it like a little adventure.  I did think of the Christmas markets Melissa and I went to in Munich a few years back.  The Manchester markets were not dissimilar although I think there was more food and less Christmas decorations at these ones. 
The Christmas-ness continues this week with a couple of lunches at work and a lunch with my family that lives here on Monday. I like this time of year. 
By the way, I’ve dispatched most of the Christmas cards for Canada but I was pushing the airmail posting deadline a bit so hopefully they arrive before Santa does.  Surprised