christmas meals and other festivities….โ€

Well today it is officially one week until I finish for Christmas. And the associated festivities and meals really ramped up this weekend for both of us. I am actually thinking of going for a record number of Christmas dinners this year….

On Friday night I kicked off with my Christmas work party which consisted of a Christmas carvery at the Village Hotel in Warrington near to work. It was nice to see work people outside of work for a chat but the food was average and everything fizzled out quite early for me. Paul’s turn was on Saturday night when he went to Liverpool for a meal and drinks and boxing at the arena with his colleagues. That also fizzled out early – early the next day! On Sunday night we both went to Julie and Stuart’s – Julie was my line manager when I was at Capenhurst – for a very lovely Christmas meal with all the trimmings and a good catch up with the Capenhurst crowd. That meal almost didn’t happen, though, as we realised when we heard from them both the story of waking up at 5am that morning to find their living room on fire. Goodness me. They blame it on a candle that didn’t quite go out…. They were very lucky to both be fine and get away with local damage in their living room. It really made us all think, though…

On Monday we had a festive team lunch at a local pub not far from here. Thursday there is a group buffet lunch in the office and that night Paul and I are going to head to the Boathouse for a moversary meal out. Sunday we’re hosting afternoon tea and present exchange with Helen, Harriet and their respective families.

(Is it just me or are these pants starting to feel tight….? They must have shrunk in the wash…)

The house is also looking suitably festive for the holidays with the tree up and cards strung out. I think most of the presents are wrapped and ready to go too. Just have to hope now that Santa thinks I was good this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰