Christmas 2014

Another year where the festivities just flew by.  Here are some of the highlights of Christmas this year in no particular order:

  • Snow on boxing day night!  It was gone by the next day though…
  • Various FaceTime sessions with Canada – always a highlight.
  • Tracking Santa Claus on the internet with Ella on Christmas Eve.  He was off the coast of Africa at the time.
  • Having fun spending my Christmas money online in the couple of days after getting it.
  • A lovely traditional Christmas meal at Jayne’s – turkey with all the trimmings.
  • Managing success while building one of the robots that we bought for the kids for Christmas – I had to follow instructions and everything.
  • A beautiful, frosty walk up Bidston Hill yesterday.
  • P1090680 P1090667
  • Starting the TV series, “House of Cards” on Netflix – what a strange (but entertaining) show that has turned out to be.
  • Making Reveillon Tourtiere for Lin and Denis to great reviews.  (They may have been my own…)
  • Decorating a non-traditional Christmas cake with the kids.  It didn’t quite look like the picture that was included in the recipe sent from Canada but I reckon it tasted a lot sweeter…
  • P1090630
  • Stella opening her presents.  Now that was one excited dog and the *X-Box* was a great success.
  • Being warm in front of the fire.
  • Staying in bed later and later each day of the break – maxing out at 8am.  It made the 6am get up this morning quite a shock to the system.
  • The most hilarious, beaver related Christmas card from Simon.

And in order to ensure a balanced picture of things, a couple of not so good things:

  • Being apart from people we love.  Maybe one Christmas we’ll all be together?
  • Paul and I both hurting our backs doing silly little movements limiting our walking and general holiday health.  I think the situation is much improved now.
  • Being afraid to step on the scales after all the feasting and nibbling.  Oh dear!

Next stop, New Years.  Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.