Christmas 2008

What’s great about Christmas is love.  It might sound kind of cheesy, but I’m finding myself thinking about how lucky I am to feel lots of love this year (and every year really…)
It’s that Christmas card with a picture of the family on it from a Canadian friend, a once a year phone call looked forward to with great anticipation or being on the end of a phone and getting passed around the room to speak to everyone there, a hug and best wishes from a colleague who cares, a letter written with a special sentiment or kind words not usually said, receiving a Christmas tin of homemade cookies made with love – meant to last until Christmas -, a thoughtful present from someone who really knows or the reaction to that “perfect gift” you managed to find.  It all makes me feel very blessed.
For some of my friends and family, maybe it’s the only time of year that we get a chance to catch up.  If Christmas is the excuse that’s required – that’s fine by me!  It’s always great to hear news, see pictures and remember times when circumstances allowed more frequent visits and chats. For others that may be a more regular part of my life today, it’s a chance to maybe be together, be thoughtful, say how we feel and remember how lucky I am to have these people in my life.  I love this time of year.
So with that said, here are some pictures from Christmas 2008.
Firstly, it’s Paul and I Christmas morning – spoiling each other essentially.  I got very excited about a musical Chrismtas decoration from my Mum and Dad and Paul actually fit inside a hockey bag he bought for me.  I’m going to use that for our camping trips.  It’s an excellent gift as I can never again be acused of taking too many things camping.  My argument now will be, “but you bought the bag, I had to fill it”!
After opening presents and enjoying our Christmas dinner we went visiting Paul’s family.  Here’s a picture of Hannah, Ella and Josh playing with one of their (many!) new toys.  And that’s Uncle Paul joining in for a game of “Doh Nutters”  That’s definitely not one I remember from being a kid.
So here’s hoping you feel blessed too and that you have a happy boxing day!  And I’ll leave you with this rather bizzare picture of Davoud taken at our family Christmas last weekend.  As has become tradition, I gave Davoud a “safety related” present and the reflective happy faces to be stuck on clothes, bags etc. to ensure visibility seemed to be appreciated.  Smile