Unlike the last Wirral Animal Sanctuary photoshoot, there wasn’t actually an animal called Chaos on this occasion – although one of the dogs was called Luna (short for Lunatic apparently). But despite their being no chaos, the afternoon was the usual hilarity of animals behaving in their most unpredictable ways.

Luna is a lovely, very bouncy husky, akita cross who was very excited about pretty much everything. I couldn’t help but like her despite the fact that she threw up within inches of me … Close call! Pip had a few snacks including sneaking a Dorito straight from the bowl (!) while keeping an eye on Steph at all times. Jackson, possibly the most photogenic dog ever, got right into position when he arrived – I felt like he was wondering what was taking me so long to get going! The ferrets Jack and Jill wiggled and jiggled in their harnesses when it was their turn to be in the spotlight moving so quickly I couldn’t quite keep up – although there was one moment when they both looked at me at the same time. Snap!

Sophie and Ellie brought the feline element to the afternoon but although representing the same species, their characters couldn’t have been more different. Ellie was a sweet and playful kitten very interested in the laser pointer and her mouse. Sophie is the most laid back cat I’ve ever seen – she was happy to be held, sit where she was put and was just generally so laid back that she was horizontal.

I am so pleased I had the privilege to photograph these lovely creatures and here are my results. Hopefully they help to find Luna, Jack and Jill and Ellie the homes they deserve.