chaos x2…

I had a lovely girlie day yesterday in Chester with Helen and Harriet.  We shopped and lunched and then we went to the spa and the girls had facials – I’d got them the vouchers for their birthdays but as there is apparently no such thing as a completely unselfish act (, I had known on buying them that it would mean a lovely day out for me too!

It’s been a relaxing day for Paul and I with a visit to the local art gallery, a walk down to the park and cappuccino’s (aka a diet coke for me) in the cafe.  I am slightly disappointed though because this morning I just finished reading one of those books that you just don’t want to end.  It was called “Being Emily” by Anne Donovan…. About the life of a Glaswegian girl who becomes fascinated with Emily Bronte.  It feels a bit sad to finish the last page of a good book knowing that I won’t get to be a part of the lives of the characters anymore (without a lot of effort in the imagination department!)….  But I’ve picked my next book and I’m sure once I get into it, I won’t want to let it go in the end either!

This week there are a couple of things on including a 5th birthday party on Tuesday for Paul’s nieces.  That should be chaos! Party On Friday we’re heading to Liverpool to see the Arctic Monkey’s… more of a different sort of chaos, I suspect!