Canada 2016

I was really happy to head home to Canada last week for a short trip with the sole purpose of visiting family and friends.  It just flew by – I managed to catch up with those that I did see but of course there were some people I just didn’t get a chance to see…  It’s always the way, unfortunately.

I made a bit of a list of the highlights of my trip which I’ve supplemented with a few pictures from when I was there.

Biggest surprise – the weather.  It was very warm and dry for the whole trip.  Amazing.

Best hospitality – Katrina and Andrew offering to host my friends for a BBQ at their house.

Warmest welcome – when Mia came running towards me shouting, “Auntie Val!” when she saw me when we went to pick her up from school.  Very cute.

Best reunion – the Chemistry girls all being together in one place at one time.  This is quite difficult generally with Nadine living in Halifax and Nada’s husband working for the police with a busy shift schedule.  But we did it this time.

Best walk – the loop around Earl Rowe Provincial Park.  Mum, Dad and I did it a few times while I was home in the evening after supper.

Best video – the one of Stella and the 70 tennis balls.  It was nice to be able to watch it again with Aunt June.

Best compliment – getting told I was like my Mum. 🙂

Freshest food – handpicked asparagus from Dad’s garden.  Tasted delicious.

Scardiest cat – George. It was really nice to finally meet him but I freaked him out a couple of times when he didn’t realise I was in the basement and went dashing up to get away from me.  I do like this picture I took of him though, and I especially like the picture Mum took me me taking it where it looks like I fell flat on my face!

Biggest annoyance –  Trying to find a restaurant to have brunch in with Janet when all the power was out at the one she’d booked!  We did find somewhere very nice eventually so I guess it was worth the effort.


Best Canadian treat – a Dairy Queen Blizzard.  Oreo of course.

Most “Canadian” foodstuff – Moose tacos made by Andre which I had when we went to visit Lauren and Andre on the last night of my visit.

Nicest lunch – This is a tough one.  I had a grilled rueben which was something I hadn’t had for a long time with Jennifer, Mum and Dad at the Pickle Barrel in Toronto.  I also enjoyed my sandwich and butter tart at the church’s Retreat House with Mum, Anne and Pat as well as the middle easter tapas with Joscelyn, Lauren and Andre.  And then there was the poutine at the mall in Newmarket as well as some timbits at Tim Hortons in Alliston!

Best deal – Boot No7 face cream.  A British product that Shoppers Drug Mart sells at a much cheaper price than I can buy it here.  Explain that.

Best public transport – the new train that goes from Union Station in Toronto to the airport.  Super clean, fast, easy and affordable too.

Heaviest thing – my suitcase!  I thought it was heavy going out at 27kg but it topped out at nearly 30kg coming home.  And that was after I off loaded a bunch of stuff.

Treat that I brought home for Paul which lasted the least amount of time – Timbits.  I got them at the airport.  Say no more.

When I got back to the UK, I was messaging with a friend in Canada who I hadn’t seen saying I’d been home but that I was back home now. Slightly confusing you might think! On reflection though I think I am really lucky to have two places that I can call home.

Until the next visit, I’ve got these memories to keep with me.  🙂