Canada 2011

I still can’t believe we’ve been and come back from our trip “home” to Canada.  (I still call it home.  Home is most certainly here too
but I’m lucky enough to have 2 *homes*.)  It was a busy time but both Paul and I really enjoyed our days visiting,  seeing new places, eating (lots of that) and enjoying an improving Canadian summer.  Of course, I didn’t see everyone I wanted to and those people we did see, we didn’t see enough of.  But I like Brent’s latest quote, “Planes go both ways across the Atlantic…”  so visitors are always welcome at Palm Hill.

I could write so much about our 2 weeks there but I’ll stick to a list:

Best part of the holiday: Seeing so many people and meeting all the new “little ones”.


Biggest success: The “celebration” at Mum and Dad’s church hall with lots of friends I hadn’t seen in years, children of friends, great food and a generally good atmosphere.  Only regret there was not taking more pictures of everyone!


Best picnic: At Earl Rowe Park with Mum and Dad followed by a game of cricket.


Best new recipes to try: Blond Rocky Road, Wife Saver and Pulled Pork.

Best beer (Paul’s pick): Stella.  (“Seriously Paul?  You’re in Canada.  How about a Canadian one?”  “O.K., then. Creemore Springs.”

Best animal impersonation: A monkey as demonstrated by Val for Mia @ Katrina and Andrew’s.

Most misunderstood query: Melissa asking me if I wanted a shower at 8pm the night we stayed over. She was actually referring to the characters in the toy house I was playing with and not me!

Best drive: Through Algonquin Park.

Best wildlife spot: The moose in Algonquin Park.


Best bird spotting garden: Joscelyn’s house at Brighton

Most relaxing time: The cottage.

IQ2000 Champion: Val

Funniest thing: Jennifer’s dog Lily and her playing with her “baby”, Lauren being very excited about getting frisked on the way through security for the first time ever.

Moment when people thought we were the most crazy: Playing “Pictionary Man” on the airplane on the flight over.

After all that when we got home, Stella was pleased to see us although I do think she enjoyed her holiday very much playing with her ball in the garden with the kids.  Lauren came back to England with us on the same flight and it’s been great having her
around… More on that later. And I also started my new job… Again, a full report to follow!