camping in the grounds of an abbey…

Clwydian Way & Ponderosa 001

Well this probably win’s the award for the campsite with the “holiest” influence….  We stayed at a campsite on the grounds of an abbey near Llangollen (pronounced clan-glock-len…. or something like that….) last weekend.  It was a bank holiday weekend so it was nice to have an extra day….

The weather forecast wasn’t promising but we did all right in the end.  There was a frost on Sunday night, though so I was quite glad of my electric heater and electric blanket.  (Roughing it….)It rained on Saturday afternoon/evening and we got a little wet coming back from our dinner at the pub but that was all.  We had a BBQ on Sunday and managed a total weekend walking mileage of 26 miles.

The highlight of the walks for me was Dinas Bran Castle which we came to on the second day.  We got there early so we the only ones on the top.   I can totally see why someone would want to build a castle there.  The views were fantastic.  No one would sneak up on you if you were there!  We walked a lot along Offa’s Dyke path again – the acorn is the path’s symbol.

We also came to this fabulous place called World’s End.  It is a pretty magical place.  I think I walked in this area on one of my Christmas visits to see Grandpa many years ago but I couldn’t quite remember where we’d walked….

Offa's Dyke & World's End 019 Offa's Dyke & World's End 026 Offa's Dyke & World's End 030Clwydian Way & Ponderosa 018

The tail end of this week has been all about the national election here.  Voting day was Thursday and the results were out on Friday…. we still don’t know what government we’re going to have though.  There was a “hung parliament” with no one getting a majority government so now the parties are in the process of trying to make deals with each other to come to some arrangement about who will be in charge…. It all feels a bit uncertain.

This weekend we’ve been doing some gardening, visiting the local farmer’s market and playing catch, hide and seek and basketball with the nieces and nephew.  I also went to see my friend Sue on the way home from work last night for some food and a catch up.  A bike ride might be on the cards for tomorrow….