Camping in Porthmadog

Last Friday night took us through some pretty heavy rain and flooding in England to Wales – but the sun shone for us there…  Brent, Paul, Stella and I stayed dry and enjoyed a weekend of camping and walking in North Wales.

Our walk on Saturday started with a twist.  To get to the start of the walk, we took a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway (  This was an altogether pleasant experience that took us from Portmadog where we were staying to Beddgelert through the Aberglaslyn pass.  I would highly recommend a trip on this railway for those in the area. It was what I imagine rail travel was like 100 years ago – our train was powered by steam, had old fashioned cabins and seats, we travelled “3rd class” but were still entitled to a trolley food and drink service.

After our journey and a very yummy ice cream in Beddgelert, we started our walk back to Porthmadog.  The paths weren’t very clear and it took some excellent navigating on Paul’s part to keep us on the straight and narrow .  It was quite hard walking too with lots of uneven ground and long vegetation but the day was glorious and the views were worth the effort.  Coming across the slate mill along the way was also a nice surprise.


We got back to the campsite after our 10 mile effort feeling like we must have walked at least 20… We were a bit beaten up after a few falls and the difficult terrain but enjoyed the sun on the campsite and a big bowl of warm chilli with some fresh bread.

Sunday morning we headed to Black Rock Sands and the glorious beach there for a walk and some playing with the frisbee.  We had a good drive back and said good-bye to Brent as he got the train back home to London.

I was also off on Monday for a really nice long weekend to meet Julie for a walk with her 2 puppies before she heads to Paris for a year – her husband has got a new job there so they’re off on a great adventure.  I guess I managed to pick up a bug somewhere along the way as I having been feeling rather sick since then.  Yuck.  Think I’m on the up and up now, though.  Starting to feel a bit more normal.

On Friday I’m off to see my friend Emily’s new house in Manchester followed by afternoon tea which should be lovely.  There is a local dog agility show on the weekend which we might take Stella too for her (and our) entertainment.  Jayne’s birthday is also coming up next week so some cake and a party could be on the cards…