Cambridge…. and Southampton….and finally home….

Well my two weeks back to back of being away are now over.  I wouldn’t want to do it all the time but it certainly has made for a quick November… The first week I was in Cambridge for an international radiation protection conference.  This week was a training course about nuclear reactors and was based in Southampton.  It was a lot more “functional” than Cambridge was.  Not much time to explore and these short days meant it was dark when I left the hotel and dark when I returned.  I could’ve been anywhere….  I was also feeling guilty as the builders are at the house working on the doors and windows in the kitchen.  Paul had taken the time off to “supervise”….and clean-up the mess.  While I was all tucked up in my hotel room ordering room service.  I think I have some making up to do….

In contrast to Southampton, Cambridge felt as little like work as I think it’s possible to feel while officially being in work.  I took the train via London and picked up Brent along the way.  The hotel was in the middle of the city centre and my conference was at Fitzwilliam College.  Cambridge is an easy city to explore and we started our explorations on the afternoon we arrived.   Then Brent spent his days exploring the city and drinking coffee in the coffee shops while I attended my lectures.  We met for dinner in the evenings which was lovely.  However, on Thursday, there was a congress dinner and after I’d figured out what to wear, I went along to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford to an amazing experience dining under the wing of the Concord with all the planes in the museum lit up with a colourful light display.  On Friday, when the conference had finished, Brent and I went punting down the river.  It was a beautiful clear (albeit slightly cold) day and was the highlight of our visit. This was followed by a wander through the colleges and in and out of the shops.   I would highly recommend Cambridge for a weekend away.   10/10.



After Cambridge, we headed back to London where I got the tour of Brent’s new apartment and then his neighbourhood the following day….  He has a great set-up in London and Camden is like a small neighbourhood in the big city.

This weekend, after I’ve unpacked my suitcase, it’s all about food.  Dinner with Harriet and Helen on Friday night at Halligans in the village (  On Saturday night we’re heading to Dave’s for one of the ex-Capenhurst pot luck dinners (with a Thai theme).   Our contribution is Pad Thai.  And the coming week, I’m looking forward to a bit of a catch up week (at home and work) and the first of our Christmas dinners… This one will be at Gordale Nurseries and for me will make a good official start of the festive season.  Even if it is still officially November.