busy weekend…

On Saturday, I went with Denis to the Photography Show in Birmingham. We went last year and I think I enjoyed it a bit more this year. I certainly spent more money anyways! 😉 We had a good look around the exhibition and went to a couple of talks as well. You definitely could spend more than 1 day there – there is so much to see. And so many photography related gadgets you wouldn’t even imagine existing! I stopped and had dinner with Denis and Lin on the way home which was nice – Damson pie for desert. Yes please!

On Sunday I went to my hot yoga class which seems to be getting longer and longer and took most of the morning. It is very good and I always feel better for going. When I came out, there were lots of motorbikes going past the place as it was the annual Egg Run where motorcyclists in the area collect Easter eggs along a pre-determined route and take them to the hospital for children who are there. In the afternoon, Stella and I went to Delamere for a walk with Julie, Stuart, Robert and Andy. It was a beautiful day for it and we finished the walk with an ice cream at Delamere station. Afterwards we went to Julie’s for a further catch-up and our dinner…. And desert. Sticky toffee pudding. Again – yes please!

I am having a trip this week to a site I haven’t been too before and another day working in Cheltenham. Makes for an interesting week. J