Britain in bloom…

Spring is in the air!  This past week the daffodils have burst into bloom, the temperature has risen and the days seem all of a sudden to have lengthened so that we have *evenings* again.  With this, I feel a little extra spring in my step.  And I don’t think it’s just me. There is a general air of energy about….

Last weekend, Paul and I had a lovely walk with Lauren and Davoud through Sefton Park to a Victorian mansion – now museum – called Sudley House (  The daffodils were just about ready to “toss their heads in sprightly dance” but were still being a bit shy.  These crocuses, however, were not.

Liverpool Walk 002

Today we went down to the familiar territory of Leasowe Lighthouse and Moreton shore.  We walked through the Wirral coastal park passing the ponds which were alive with frogs and ducks and we came back along the sea front.  The tide was in – the first time for a while I’ve been down there where I couldn’t see any sand.  The nice weather resulted in quite a lot of activity in the area.  The best was the dog that was barking at the waves as they crashed in.  Very amusing.

Lighthouse Walk 002

It really is too bad these weekends go so fast, though…  Is it really Sunday evening again?