Bolton Abbey revisited

Last week we both took Friday off and made a long weekend of a camping trip to Bolton Abbey.  I remember visiting when I was a kid on one of our trips to see Granny and Grandpa but I was keen to revisit as an adult especially after our 3 abbey camping trip to Yorkshire last year.

We got to the very pretty town of Pateley Bridge about noon on Friday – just in time for lunch.  The town is on the river Nidd in the North Yorkshire dale of Nidderdale.  I was excited because the town has a sweet shop – but not just any sweet shop.  The oldest sweet shop in England as endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Paul was more excited about the award winning pie shop.



It was a very pretty place and a nice surprise when we came across it after some crazy steep and narrow roads getting there.


But it wasn’t all about pies and sweets and after we’d fuelled up, we set off on our walk.  I hadn’t been involved at all in the planning it so I was really surprised and delighted when we came across the amazing Brimham Rocks on the route.  What a cool place – wide angle lens at the ready!

After our walk, we headed for the campsite.  It was actually on the Bolton Abbey estate which was really convenient.  It was a very civilised little site (i.e. the bathrooms were clean and well maintained and we were probably the youngest people there) and Stella took up position as guard dog once we got ourselves set up.


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t in our favour the next day for our planned walk to include a visit to the abbey, however, after a route modification we still managed a lovely walk along the river including some (short) spells of sun, an ice cream, a play in the water (that was for Stella not us) and a little explore of the abbey.

For me, the abbey was slightly disappointing when compared to the Bolton abbey in my memory.  I guess I am bigger and it seemed smaller.  We were also comparing to the most fantastic North Yorkshire abbeys of Whitby, Fountains and Rievaulx that we visited last year so Bolton just didn’t stand a chance…  I think I am very lucky to live somewhere though where I am “disappointed” by this:



And what about this secret little elf house we found in the woods too?  How cool is that!  (Although Paul is quite adamant it isn’t an elf house at all, I’m quite sure it is.  I mean, what else would it be…?!)


On Sunday we left the campsite and headed to the market town of Skipton for a little look around before heading home. Stella met a cat in one of the shops we went in that wasn’t scared of her – so she was scared of it.  Funny little thing.

So the weekend in summary is as follows:

We came, we ate all the pork pies and sweets – and the rocks were cool.