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Well hello. Here we are again. Another weekend gone and well into the week. Apparently if we continue to live in the UK, I will have to work until I’m 67 before I get my “state” pension of £155/week. Seriously. Having parents that both retired from full time employment in their 50s, this thought seriously depresses me. 67! I will have an extra couple of go’s of the lottery this weekend, I think. Although the press seems to think that people want to work for longer now a days. Really? Who? Do you know anyone? Maybe I’m just a lazy so and so…. 😉

We had a productive weekend this past one – lots of sorting of things in and from Paul’s Mum’s house. A couple of walks with the puppy and the very careful removal of a tick from her ear which was slightly stressful after reading lots of scare stories on the internet about what could go wrong. All gone now though so we’ll just have to keep an eye on spot to make sure the inflammation settles down in a couple of days.

On Saturday night it was one of the Capenhurst pot luck dinners – with a French theme. Barbara and Fred really put themselves out to decorate their house and table, play French music and Fred even wore *traditional* French dress (i.e. a rope of garlic around his neck!) There was a French quiz and beef bourguignon among many of the French foody treats. We’re next on the hosting schedule and I’ve already suggested that a Canadian theme might be fun…. Eh?

Last night we were on babysitting duty so Jayne and Paul can go and see Kylie Minogue…. Paul seems to be slightly more excited about the prospect of this concert than Jayne did funnily enough! It was a bit chaotic with a hyper dog and 3 very excited children.  On Friday night it’s the last puppy class (for which we’ve been promised the recent of a rosette and certificate for puppies that *pass*…) and then we’re off to Delamere Forest for a weekend camping…. It’s not far from home but it’ll be a good experience for puppy to get her more used to one of our frequent past times and there are some nice walking trails around the park too…