birthdays, Christmas and some other bits…‏

So last weekend we had birthday celebrations with our nieces Ella and Hannah turning 7. I remember being 7! There was a family party at the house on the day of their actual birthday for family (which involved a cake with the most gorgeous, thick icing). Then on the weekend there was a party for 30 of their closest school friends at a kids play barn near our house. That was loud and energetic but looked like great fun – if you were 7. Although I thought the idea of trying to get into the ball pool would test my flexibility to the limit Paul was quite tempted to try out the ball pool but unfortunately he was too tall to meet the height restriction!


Then this weekend, one of Paul’s friends turned 40 so there were celebrations of a different sort for her. It was a surprise birthday party and there was lots of 80s music, food, dancing and reminiscing on the part of Paul and his friends. It was great to hear the stories. But I also remember my Mum turning 40 and getting dressed up to go out for dinner in something pretty…. It doesn’t seem that long ago!

On the non-birthday front, yesterday we had fun visiting Julie, Stuart and the puppies again. 3 weeks has seen them grow lots and they are now approaching a similar size to Stella and were very up to following her around and chasing her. They don’t quite match her energy levels but I don’t think it’ll be long…. Stuart did the usual justice that he does in making afternoon tea for us – scones with jam and ginger cake. Oh my.

So 3 days in Scotland and then 2 days working at home this week. Thursday is Stella’s Kennel club bronze citizenship test which we are a bit dubious about her passsing… she doesn’t seem to like to “stay” on command in the class. (She can do this outside, inside the house and pretty much anywhere else you ask her but isn’t too keen in the class and would prefer to sit and bark….) Maybe a miracle will take hold on the night?! Friday there is an organised dog walk I’ll try and get to and then Paul and I are going out for Italian food at a place in Irby that gets excellent reviews. On the weekend we’re on for a day of babysitting which involves crafts, baking and Christmas movies.

And I’ve convinced Paul that we need to make sure the Christmas decorations are up pre-babysitting to get us in the mood so all in all I’m quite excited about the whole thing…. 🙂