Bidston hill…

So last Sunday we went for a little walk from the house up to Bidston Hill.  It was a beautiful, clear crisp day and I was delighted by this little *gem* of a walk.  The park was very quiet but there was lots to see and it was a lovely place to walk.  It is actually the home of a windmill, a lighthouse and an observatory.  In addition to this, it also has stunning views of Liverpool and across the Wirral at the top of the hill.  I wondered to Paul why I had never been brought here before…. 

Apparently this may have been due to a somewhat, unfortunate checkered past for the park involving flashers (Surprised) and also may be due to it’s location close which is relatively close to the North End of Birkenhead… Nevermind.  I know about it now and it looks like we won’t have to share it too much.  Our little secret, hey?

The View of Liverpool.

The Windmill and the Lighthouse.


The Observatory.  Apparently there might be some symbolism in this picture?  Do you see it?  Wink