Bank holiday weekend bests and favourites

We enjoyed our late may bank holiday weekend mostly spent pretty quietly at home. Here is a short list of the bests and favourites of the weekend with a least favourite, disappointment thrown in for good measure… 😉

Favourite walk: On Monday morning at Bidston Hill. The light and the reflections were really nice for photographs and Stella loved it too.

P1070058-2 P1070067-1

Favourite meal: Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne.

Favourite movie: The Hunger Games. I found it a bit disturbing at first but then I got used to it. We watched it using our recently set up, free trial Netflix subscription.

Best reuse: Shifting 1 tonne of unwanted soil from a garden in Wallasey to our front garden to fill up our retaining walls. All it cost was a few emails to arrange the collection and the fuel needed to get there and back.

Best exercise: Saturday morning Pilates in the hot room in Moreton. As usual, the next day I had aches in muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Best music: Listening to Paul practice the guitar. It’s sounding really nice and smooth – all that practice is definitely paying off.

Least favourite activity: Making liver cake for Stella. I must really love her….

Biggest disappointment: The weather. Yuck. At least it cheered up for Monday.

Biggest celebrations: On Sunday we got sight of the two medals (each) Ella and Hannah won in Tae Kwon Do last weekend. And also a very Happy Birthday to Lauren and to Robert!